Stuart Gradwell

Currency              $10.9M VND

$100T ZIM – Concern as serial number has been passed to CW – Contacted to remove via LH

I have always undertaken charity work, in my spare time from supporting a John O’Groats to Lands End bike ride, Mind TOG in marketing support for several years, to writing an educational book for schools raising awareness for veterans and PTSD called Heroes Past and Present (handed over to another charity project during the pandemic to support veterans) and many, many more. – So much so that my mother always says I will never be a millionaire with all the free work and time I give to people and organisations who can utilize my skills!

During the pandemic I have volunteered support to YouTuber Shaun Attwood and his True Crime Podcast and attracting over 5 million views to his channel and publishing network. His work involves reporting on SRA, Epstein, and Maxwell to name just a few. I have always volunteered my time to make a difference.

I have also supported Clare Okell – Great British Bird and Mayson to bring Biden to justice. Initially creating the twoequal.com platform to support Charlie Ward (Patriots Network alternative), then offered it to GBB – It was Clare Okell (GBB) that gifted me the Zim and this amazing opportunity and feel driven to do whatever God inspires me to do!

As well as a PTSDProject charity, various telegram groups, inc The Great Reopening and British Lions for Freedom.

Currency Redemption

There has been so much mis/disinformation regarding rates and planning of projects that I have found it difficult to plan and even idealize what I could wish to accomplish given an “unlimited supply” of finance and opportunities this may give me. Likewise other information leads to believe we will get a set amount.

There has been information stating that we can ask for rate ranging from 0.00000011 per Zim to 500K per ZIM via the RSS and Love One. It is this which resonates with me more and If God is willing and I have access to higher rate funds/ exchange I would initially like to accomplish all of the below;

I wish to contribute to any global projects available – Education, Technology, UK Veteran support, and/or Medicine; enabling as much sharing of wealth as possible yet allowing me access to the highest rate possible allowing me to pursue my own humanitarian causes.

(this list is by no means finalized and given the opportunity, I would look at other opportunities to create projects, especially within the future of unknowns laid out before us. If we do have access to new technology it is n this area I wish to help bring to humanity, todays problems will already be solved)

I have several projects I wish to develop myself and be part of a team to change humanity and building community projects.

Personal projects

Llyn Peninsula  – An already established charity supporting local bus routes, church renovations Llyn Peninsula Walkway, and many within the area I wish to live on North Wales. Where i will seek local community based projects and supports established concerns.

Support Stalybridge Town Community Group – Family friend Ray Harrison. Developed Stalybridge Town Centre Community Team and rebuild the high street, local canals, redevelop local run-down buildings etc with the main aim of rebuild the highstreet – within my local town and this can be scaled across any local town/community.

Willow Wood Cancer Hospice – This is currently a end of life/ respite care for Cancer patients. I wish to replace with Med Beds and other new cancer-curing treatments. Becoming a regional center for Cancer Cures and replace respite care with actually curing and sending people home!

Cheetham’s Park & Stamford Park Green House – Rejuvenate Stamford Park in Ashton under Lyne. The recent redevelopment of the greenhouse has fallen into disrepair due to local government funding. The Park has been increasingly used during the pandemic to provide outside spaces to the local area.

Both local parks have been utilized and appreciated during the lockdown. Continue to develop and maintain open spaces

Green Fingers Community Garden Bedale Park – Further develop in low-income areas to develop Cuba-based community gardens, roll out in areas to develop waste ground to grow community gardens coffee shops “Tend and Take” – Local community/Farm Gate style – Served or Honesty boxes. Reducing carbon footprint and growing education and rebuilding communities and healthy living.

West Hill High School – donate to my local school

The Vale – Global Grove & Cabasa Mossley Arts and Crafts – Support these to bring creative projects to the community and beyond – already rely on underfunded arts grants – Big area for development bring theatre to communities, creative workshops (already established but further funding would be global.

Artist Retreat – Looking to build a farm on the coast in Rhiw, where I have spent my life and happy times, I want to provide several artist retreat pods to escapes and paint.

Works4U – Local education provider for students not in mainstream education, support expansion, and learner opportunities. These already have a successful business, with the funding could build and scale nationally. Building and integrating appenticeships.

Veteran & Inner-City Children Holidays – Noticed vast amounts of Hotels for sale – globally. Idea is to purchase hotels for free holidays for veterans and inner-city children and families who have not had holidays, this would purchase hotels, boost local economies etc.

National Canal Restoration – Funds allowing I would like to contribute to the cleaning/dredging modernization of British Canalway’s – opening up leisure, accommodation, wildlife, and transportation along with the entire canal network. Opening for walks, nature, new business etc to further develop. This is beneficial for mental health.

Legalization of THC/CBD – Look to develop both the social and medical uses of CBD/THC – CBD for medical uses and research and development. With THC loo to develop a mature attitude similar to Amsterdam repurposing old Public Houses etc generating a wide range of community advantages.

Other grassroots charities within my local communities in a way to support all these projects long term and any more as I feel guided to help and support.

Idea One – TV CHANNEL – Shaun Attwood UK TrueCrime/Gadfly Film/Documentary Productions

As well as above I will continue to support charities as I have always done! During lockdown I have supported Youtube / Author Shaun Attwood to raise awareness of SRA and trafficking abuse – Stop the War on Drugs and Start the War on Pedos. He has produced some great content including Out of Shadows UK. I Would like to develop a true-crime channel with Shaun and other truthers who have raised awareness throughout this journey, who have been de-platformed and shown amazing reporting and true journalistic skills.

Many platform opportunities with the Starlink/Blockchain technologies may not be launched to know which would be the best platform, but a good team will develop this. Not discussed with SA.

Develop and Produce more videos, movies to inform change of crimes and help rewrite history. The full project plan can be developed with SA and the team. As stated not mentioned due to the nature of funds.

Main Humanitarian Group Project

Two Equal project briefs:

This project is all about social networking, Brand, Marketing, Communications, and Education.

Good communication is the key to success for any project or organization. Making sure that your messages are clear, delivered using the right tone of voice that is easy to understand. Using each channel to its full potential, making sure that you reach all your desired audience in ways that are easy to access.

Our aim is to support the new humanitarian projects with their branding, marketing, and communications. To help them launch with success and enable them to reach the people that their project will support.

We plan to do this in two ways; The initial platform with be providing the Branding, Marketing, and Communications for any of the Humanitarian projects who are only just starting and need this initial support and starting their journey on the project and building a legacy.

The second platform we plan to provide is Facebook style portal containing educational resources, group chat, and providing a space for humanitarian leaders to communicate at a level focussed on high-level discussion and promoting collaboration and sharing of ideas. We have named this weare.twoequal.com.

We hope that people who are creating the humanitarian projects will be able to find the support they need and possibly share their audience. We feel the benefit of being able to talk to other project leads and sharing experiences will be a huge benefit, especially for those new to business development.  

The platform can also offer the following services:

Website hosting and design/development

Online business infrastructure – Open Source Office 365 for online collaboration

Educational services – For example developing and supporting apprenticeship programs in the Humanitarian project to build and develop the next Humanitarian workforce, trained and educated in the projects from the group up – building in sustainability

Full range of creative services required for any organisation working in a digital world.

We believe that it is important to leave each client with the ability to continue with their own communications, maintain and have momentum with their website and build their own skills in what will be a changing digital environment.

So, training will be an important part of our service and we intend to have a library of easy-to-understand ‘How to …..’ written and video content that each client can download and use to build their own knowledge and train their own staff. We will be looking at developing an apprentice scheme that will support young people who want to engage with the different humanitarian projects.

We feel engaging with our youngsters is extremely important during these times of so much change, developing their understanding in what they achieve to support a healthier community.

Both Stu and Thresa have worked for many different charities to support them to achieve their aims and objectives through multiple layers of communication.


Whilst I have outlined several issues relevant in today’s society, I wish to embrace new and future technology and investigating the many opportunities that may arise as a result of new technology and social advancements that require funding both locally and inter/nationally. All of these projects will Act Local and Think globally and looking for scalability wherever possible.

Given the opportunity, I would love to build and spread wealth, information, and self-development to as many people as possible. Basically, if I can have more; I can do more, this is not for my own gain, I also have a good amount of ISO cryptocurrency as other personal means of funds. The vast majority of what I can obtain would be for humanitarian projects.

I wish to focus on new opportunities that can be developed to help and improve humanity, from the raft of new technologies and its derivatives. From Med Beds to Free power devises, plastic eating mushrooms to new health technologies will all need investment and bring to the people, this is where I want to be effective. I want to bring the “Star Trek” World to the people…..

Immediate Purchases

House Manchester stu/lynn £700K

House Wales Stu £2M

Car Mother / Car Stu

Gifts to Family – Who and amount unknown

Family and friends – ensure family no longer worry about money and help them develop business and opportunities to generate jobs and achieve freedom


Lynn Gradwell – Mother                Julia Walker – Partner

Immediate Family

Maureen Collis          Gary Collis – helping develop projects

Nick Collis – helping develop projects

(Carla/Tom/Sammy/Sarah/Bethany/Seb/Jack/Hannah/George) – God Children

Thresa Bailey – Project Partner – journey confidant.

And people named in any of the projects above and signed NDA where appropriate (Shaun Attwood) etc.