Home Schooling

More and more parents are homeschooling. Many parents are disappointed with formal education, but don’t know where to turn to for resources.  Do you Know most teachers find their resources online…

We are twoequal want to help you provide a structure to engage, educate and develop your child. Building on their intrinic abilities. Through learning the basics and then using real life senarios to embed their learning.

While we develop this area, below are a range of resources from BBC Bitesize – We have paid for the development of these resources, please find the links below:

Examination Boards

All UK School have to prescribe to examination bodies, these provide the curriculums for the students to follow. Visit the AQA or Pearson websites and look at the subjects and it covers what you need to study for this examination board. This will give you a framework to work from. 

Dig deeper and you can find a Scheme of Work (SOW) which lays out what to teach and what to cover!

There are a wide range of resources and support online for home schooling, Many TV programmes hae been discussing it and parents have been creating video diaries of their own progress and problems…

We aim to bring you courses and development opportunites to open your mind and simulate your development. Below are links to a wide range of courses:

There are a wide range of video sites targetted at education. We will add more links as we develop..

It is never to late to develop yourself; mental health, spiritually, emotionally. Your basic skills or the skills you have always wanted to develop.

See our courses section and we aim to develop this in the near future.