E20 – Up On The Edge (Special Guest: Simon Wood)

Forget that he owns his own restaurants, don’t even bother about him being crowned Masterchef Champion 2015, you know someone has hit the big time when they get their own Wikipedia page! That’s exactly what’s happened to Oldham born and bred Simon Wood. He’s also the best selling author of “At Home With Simon Wood – Fine Dining Made Simple” and he’s also doing his bit for lockdown with #FeedingFamiliesFor30 showing us how we can eat really well each day for a week, for very little money. Add to that the fact that he is so down to Earth it’s ridiculous, he’s also very funny, he enjoys a glass of nice wine and he can hold his own in a conversation with Big Al & Owen. Slowly they were all getting more relaxed, due to the wine. So relaxed in fact, they had to cut the podcast into two episodes! “Hic!” This is going to be fun… 

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