E12 – Up On The Edge (Special Guest: Barrie McDermott)

Happy Christmas one and all! Yes, we’ve gone and done it. A Christmas Day Podcast just for you and today we are joined by the Rugby Legend that is Barrie McDermott. 

The subjects covered are of course the recent fund raising for his good friend who is suffering from MND, Rob Burrow and the ridiculous effort put in by another local legend Kevin Sinfield. They also talk about life growing up in Oldham, how on Earth he lost an eye at the age of 15, life on and off the rugby playing field, Barrie trying to talk Al into a weekend on the beer in Dublin and of course… that eventful night in 1996 outside Oldham’s Cabaret night spot!

One thing we are certain of, there will be a second part to this Podcast in the not so distant future!

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